Moss Removal

Roof Cleaning Services and Moss Removal in Leeds

Restore your property by getting your roof thoroughly cleaned with SDK Roofing Limited of Leeds. We pay close attention to detail and ensure that all moss is removed from the roof, leaving your home looking clean and vibrant. Throughout the year, especially during rainy conditions, a roof can become a haven for moss to grow. This moss can then begin to spread rapidly, covering the entirety of your roof. Not only does this look incredibly unpleasant, it can also create serious problems such as leaks and cracks, which is why managing the amount of moss is critical.

Benefits of having a Clean Roof

There are a handful of benefits to having your roof regularly cleaned by a professional, some of which are outlined below:

  • Visual Appeal – Having a nicely cleaned roof can obviously make your house look much more attractive from the outside. This, in turn, can add serious value to your property and is often a great investment for anyone thinking of selling their property.
  • Save Money – If your roof is regularly cleaned and maintained well, it will have a significantly longer lifespan, saving you huge amounts of money on a new installation. A large amount of moss on your roof can also cause a variety of different problems which will need to be fixed by an expert. Some of these problems can be avoided by having all moss removed from your roof.
  • Energy Efficiency – Large amounts of moss on your roof can cause dark spots which will absorb huge amounts of sunlight while also storing heat. In the summer, having a moss-free roof can make your home feel cooler. It can also help you to spend less on energy bills during the winter, as less heat will be absorbed and held in the roof/attic.
  • Clean Gutters – Keeping your roof clean is also essential for preventing gutters from clogging, which can cause problems during heavy rain.
  • Prevent Regrowth – Once your roof is cleaned and treated the products that we use will prevent regrowth for a number of years while maintaining a clean appearance.

For More Information On Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

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